Hong Kong Restaurant Lansing

Pineapple buns, Lido in RichmondSaturday morning. Early. Kind of gray out. It’s the middle of August but it looks like it might rain. It’s one of those mornings when you feel like have pastries and coffee in bed while reading the paper.

My buddy David Lang, who is from Hong Kong, keeps telling me I need to go to the Lido Restaurant and order a pineapple bun. A pineapple bun with butter—boh loh yaau as they say in Hong Kong. I’m thinking today is the day.

So I just throw on some clothes and head up the street to the Lido which is in a crappy-looking stripmall midway between the Aberdeen Mall and Parker Place Mall. It’s barely 8am but the place is packed. No big deal. My plan is to order a couple of pineapple buns to go and eat them back at my hotel with a nice hot latte.

There’s a bakery cart right by the door holding dozens of fresh-out-of-the-oven pineapple buns. I tell the boss man at the cash register that I’d like two to go. While I’m waiting for someone to bag them up, I hear my name: “David! David!”

It’s David Lang. Sitting in a booth behind the cash register. He’s already got a pineapple bun in front of him.

David invites me to join him for breakfast, so what the hell. I tell the boss man that I’ll be having the pineapple buns here. Oh, and could I also have some coffee. “Hong Kong-style?” he asks.

David Lang doesn’t wait for me to answer. In Cantonese he tells the boss man to give me Hong Kong-style coffee and to give me two pineapple buns, both with butter. “You got to have butter, ” he tells me.

About pineapple buns: There’s no pineapple in them. They are called pineapple buns because their crispy tops resemble the texture of a pineapple. They are to Hong Kong what beignets are to New Orleans. And every bit as addicting.

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