Hong Kong Department Stores

By Angela Guess

, "IBM [recently] announced that it is collaborating with Hong Kong Department Stores to help them expand internationally and increase customer loyalty by deploying a new digital analytics commerce initiative. Built on solutions that support IBM’s Smarter Commerce approach, the digital experience will deliver a personalized shopping experience to consumers, deploy social networking capabilities and create an online community that drives both customer satisfaction and increased sales."

The article continues, "The retailer’s new site in Sweden, Happy Angler, , is one of the largest fishing specialized online store in the Nordic countries. To orchestrate a positive customer experience throughout the sales cycle, IBM’s e-commerce platform offers Hong Kong Department Stores a more robust digital experience to drive improvements ing marketing and sales processes to drive customer loyalty. This includes product ratings and reviews capabilities and tailored product recommendations and emails to turn visitors into repeat customers and loyal advocates. The company also uses social media, especially Facebook, and online videos to build customer loyalty. For example, with Bazaarvoice’s Ask and Answer feature, customers are able to have their say on the assortment and with the Stories feature they share their fishing stories."

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