Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Recently, we spent a memorable family holiday in Hong Kong. While it was supposedly a five-day trip, effectively we stayed only four days, given that we had arrived in the evening and took an afternoon flight home.

But guess what? In that short span of time, we had stayed in three different hotels! And it was all part of the plan! Before you start thinking it must have been tiring, since we had a toddler in tow, I must say that it's was in fact the opposite, we (including the little one) actually enjoyed the hotel-hopping! We had moved from a mid-range hotel near the shopping and commercial district in Causeway Bay to a luxury hotel that offers panoramic harbour views to one that makes every child's (and even adult's) fantasy come true.

The First Stop

Map - Hotel is circled in pink on the right (copyright Metropark Hotel)The first hotel we stayed in was the Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong (what a mouthful). We found this hotel through a Chan Brothers promotion. There were various hotels available and after doing some research, my hubby decided to book this one, as it is "conveniently located in Hong Kong's leading commercial, shopping and entertainment district - Causeway Bay".

Getting there

We took the Airport Express to Hong Kong Station with the plan of taking a cab from there to the hotel.

However, we were greeted by a long queue for cabs. One MTR staff explained that there were few cabs coming due to a bad traffic jam. After finding out where we were heading, he directed us to take the free Airport Express Shuttle-Bus (service no. H2), that would bring us right to the doorstep of Metropark. The bus was a small one, and there was only one other passenger on board. I didn't time to see how long the journey took but the ride felt like between 20 - 30 minutes.

The Hotel

The entrance to the hotel is at the ground floor; the front desk is located one floor up, which can be accessed via the lift or escalator.

The hotel decor is modern and sleek, with staff all speaking pretty good English and were polite and helpful.

Harbour View Room (Copyright Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong)

We booked a Harbour View room (sorry but we totally forgot to take pictures!) but were a little disappointed that it wasn't exactly a spectacular view. The room was relatively small, and bathroom only has shower facility and no bathtub. We also requested for a baby cot, which they sent to the room only after we went out. There was also a plate of cookies in the room, complements of the hotel. I thought that welcome gesture was a nice one. But there was no complementary water given.

Why We Like This Hotel

We loved this hotel for one obvious reason - great location. The nearest MTR Station Tin Hau was just less than five minutes walk away. Along the way, there were shops like Watson's, Welcome Supermarket and 7-11, where we bought our daily supply of bottled water. We also discovered a restaurant that serves some pretty good dim sum just next to the Tin Hau MTR.

Besides that, places like Times Square and Sogo Department are just about bus-ride 10 minutes away, with free hotel shuttle service available (though we never used the service).

But here's more reasons why we think this is such a good hotel - food!

We discovered that just further down from the hotel were many little eateries and restaurants. From Japanese, Vietnamese to Western cuisine and a dozen of dessert shops, you will be spoilt for choice!

Local Chinese fare...

Japanese cuisine.

Western food.

Cafes and bakeries...

Dessert shops!

Not forgetting a quaint little shop selling home decor stuff

These are just some of the eateries that I managed to take photos of. There were a lot more than this. Apparently some of these opened till late, since we were strolling around the vicinity at 10-ish and they were still operating. We checked out the place again the next morning but many of these were not opened yet.

Here's pictures of how the place looked like in the day:
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