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(5/12/15) Iron Man Experience Construction Photos
(3/18/15) Hong Kong Disneyland - The Iron Man Experience Update
(2/13/15) Hong Kong Disneyland Looking Into Second Theme Park - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.Big Grizzly Mt - March 24 through March 30

General Park News - (2/11/15) Good news from Hong Kong Disneyland this week, as the park announced a HK$336 million profit for the past financial year, up 36% to the previous year, due to higher guest spending and attendance increases. For 2014, it's said that HKDL hosted 7.5 million guests, up by about 100, 000 over the previous year.
(12/31/14) A fun video showing off the new Anna & Elsa character Meet & Greet set up at Hong Kong Disneyland can be found below where the HKDL guests, especially the little girls are just as crazy for Anna and Elsa as they are here in the US, and willing to wait in huge lines near the castle for the chance to see the royal sisters. There is also an Olaf and Sven themed puppet show nearby as well to entertain called Olaf’s Search for Summer. I’ve also included a video of the show below as well.
In other news, I’m told that Duffy’s female best friend, ShellieMay the bear who was previously an exclusive character for Tokyo DisneySea has now made her way to Hong Kong Disneyland as a full time character who performs with Duffy in Meet & Greet area as well as having a huge assortment of her own merchandise for sale alongside Duffy’s.

(12/29/14) Luke & The Temple of Fun have posted a fun photo report from Hong Kong Disneyland showing off their Paint the Night parade. This will be especially interesting to those wondering what the new parade coming to Disneyland for the 60th Anniversary will look like, as the California park is expected to get copies of these same floats and character costume designs, which really do look great.
(11/13/14) Hong Kong Disneyland will put on Disney Sparkling Christmas show from Nov. 13 to Jan 4, 2015 featuring Frozen’s Queen Elsa and Princess Anna to light up the night as well as be available as a new character Meet & Greet photo opportunity in Fantasyland. There will also be a new puppet show featuring the Frozen characters called Olaf’s Search for Summer as well as Frozen themed room decorations added to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.
(10/23/14) Disney & More has posted an incredible Hong Kong Disneyland aerial video as shot by a DJII Phantom2 drone with a mounted camera. The video features both night and daytime footage of the park as well as giving you a perfect view of the areas of the park still left open for future development. Oh… and fireworks… from the air. The video was shot this month, so you can even see the construction site for the new Iron Man Adventures ride in Tomorrowland.
(8/14/14) According to one of our readers, the construction spotted in Fantasyland is supposed to be for a new Fantasy Garden character meet & greet area.
Meanwhile a total park photo update posted to Disney & More shows off a lot of rehab work taking place around the park, as well as how riders on the Autopia are being treated to some great views of the Iron Man Experience construction site. They haven’t gone vertical yet, but there is a lot of dirt being pushed around.
(7/14/14) According to the local news the “Finance Committee of Hong Kong's Legislative Council” approved a request for the government to increase their share of ownership in Hong Kong Disneyland, which will in turn, increase the funding for the resort for new projects. The vote was approved 39 to 8.
(5/13/14) A nice relaxing look at Mystic Point and the masterpiece that is Mystic Manor can be seen at Westcoaster this week.

Fall 2014 - Disney Paint The Night - (9/29/14) Hong Kong Disneyland’s Paint the Night parade ad is amazing… I’m kind of hoping they do bring this to Disneyland as rumored as well.

(9/12/14) Disney & More has a full video of the new Disney Paint the Night Parade premier at Hong Kong Disneyland this week. Enjoy!
(7/18/14) Concept art showing off several of the floats for Hong Kong Disneyland’s new Paint the Night parade launching on October 1st has been posted to Disney & More.
(5/21/14) Hong Kong Disneyland has confirmed that “Disney Paint The Night”, the park’s new nighttime parade spectacular” will open in October 2014.
(2/20/14) The latest update to Disney & More reports that Hong Kong Disneyland will launch a new night parade called Disney Paint The Night sometime in 2014. They believe it will likely start in September, and is expected to be somewhat interactive, and may be an evolution of the Glow With the Show eat hats concept, though possibly in reverse, with guests able to color change the parade elements.
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