What is the Weather in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong weather infographic 1Weather: January is the coldest month in Hong Kong, but it is usually dry and mild. It sometimes gets cloudy, with some rain, which is rarely heavy. The average low and high temperatures are 14 °C (57 °F) and 19 °C (66 °F). January is the driest month of the year and so sightseeing is all the easier.

Clothing: Light winter clothing should be sufficient for the days, but something heavier might be needed for the evenings.

Things to Do

Lantern Festival in Hong Kong

Hong Kong weather graphs 1Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations dominate the list of “must do things” for January and depending on the Chinese calendar, there can be as little as 3 weeks between the two holidays. Hong Kong with its colonial past and Chinese population celebrate both.

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) sometimes falls in late January, depending on the traditional Chinese calendar, although most years it is in February. It is the greatest and longest holiday festival in Hong Kong. It is a 3-day holiday generally.

lantern festivalBe aware: Though the Chinese New Year rush doesn't affect Hong Kong as badly as mainland China, Hong Kong will still be very busy as most people will be on holiday. Hong Kong hotel rates also jump up since mainland tourists flock in during the Chinese New Year rush.

See the Chinese New Year Parade in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, temple fairs, and displays of lanterns in parks.victoria harbor The event is normally held on the first day of Chinese New Year and transforms the harbor-front area into an all out street party.

The Night View of the Victoria Harbour

The Chinese New Year fireworksshow over Victoria Harbor is a computerized production that is a part of the Symphony of Lights. Western and Chinese New Year celebrations are traditionally heralded with fireworks displays in Hong Kong.xianggang jiejing Spectacular displays last for up to 8 minutes and include thousands of rockets, worth millions of dollars, but are all free to watch!

One of the local Chinese holiday traditions is to go to a local street market or flower market in a park on the eve of the Chinese New Year to buy fresh flowers or potted flowers to give as gifts. For tourists, it is a chance to buy gifts, holiday food, and tourist souvenirs and experience a local custom firsthand.

Christmas Decorations

During the Christmas celebrations, many buildings are festooned with seasonal lighting. Huge frescoes of snowmen, Father Christmas and angels can be seen on the harbor front and in Kowloon at Tsim Sha Tsui East’s fountain square. A tall brightly lit tree is erected in Statue Square, Central. You can’t fail to see these wonderful decorations in early January and December.

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Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Adverse weather in Hong Kong
Adverse weather in Hong Kong
What is the weather like in Hong Kong?
What is the weather like in Hong Kong?
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