Hong Kong Style Noodles

Another popular Asian dish we are also craving for – Hong Kong style noodles. These are the fried noodles, normally topped with different variants of siomai and best with different sauces.

We offer the same product concept as others in terms of its taste and quality. The only difference is that, our prices are much affordable.

Package Price: P39, 000


  • Mall-Quality Cart (4.5ft x 2.5ft x 7ft)
  • Teppanyaki Griddle
  • Electric Steamer
  • Weighing Scale
  • Juice Container with Ladle
  • Containers, Utensils, Wares
  • Initial Inventory
  • Crew Uniform
  • Video Training & Operations Manual
  • Costing and Pricing Formula
  • Promo Banner


  • Stir Fry Noodle (with vegetable & different sauces)
  • Siomai Toppings (Pork, Japanese, & Sharksfin)
  • Other toppings preferred by client
  • Gulaman Juice, other drinks preferred by client
  • SRP: P20-29/serving

Profit Margin: 70%-80%

Return of Investment: 3-4 Months

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