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3. Wait at the bus station, jump on the bus when it arrives

You can choose to receive your eticket via email or pick up from Shenzhen. I would recommend the email e-ticket approach. Whatever you do, it is important to print this e-ticket! Although we are in the electronic age, it is very important for us foreign travellers to have this piece of paper when needed. I repeat, a hard copy e-ticket may save your day when you travel in China.

Metro / Trains

There are different modes of transportation that would take you from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Baoan Airport (there is only one commercial airport in Shenzhen and Baoan is it's name). The easiest and most preferred way is by coaches that run by specialized bus companies. The other great way is by train operated by Hong Kong and Shenzhen Metro corporations. I took the bus approach in my attempt.

4. Jump off the bus when you are the Shenzhen Bay border

Let's talk about the train attempt first. Simply hop onto the Hong Kong's metro system MTR (Mass Transit Railway) at any station and head towards either Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations. The signage and announcements in Hong Kong railways are excellent. Even if you don't speak Chinese, even if you only know a little bit of English, you can still find your way.

You can cross the border from either the Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chua station. This is where you need to show your passport and visa or other forms of identifications. Once you have crossed the border, you can find clear signs that leads you to Shenzhen's metro system. It is less crowed and easier to find at Lok Ma Chau than Lo Wu. Please note that Lo Wu is called Lo Wu on Hong Kong side and Louhu on Shenzhen side; Lok Ma Chau is called Futian on the Shenzhen side.

5. Remember to take all your belonging with you as you will be on a different bus on the other side

Once you are in Shenzhen's metro system, go to the airport station. Again, it is rather easy to navigate within the Shenzhen metro system. Once you are at the Shenzhen Airport station, a 5 to 10 minutes walk would take you to the departure and arrival hall.

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