Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant, Seattle

Finding good Chinese food in the States is hard. Yes, I’m well aware that some of the best Chinese restaurants on the planet are in New York or Los Angeles or whatever but if you want just real, old school homestyle Hong Kong food, there really isn’t a lot of it in America. Some areas lack much of a Chinese population so the Chinese food caters more to local tastes. Therefore, most of the time you’ll find sweet and sour pork or kung pao chicken.

I enjoy a little sweet and sour pork myself sometimes but when I talk about authentic Chinese food, I mean the sort of thing guys like my dad crave when they come home from a long vacation. I know my dad likes a good steak but I also see the way he digs into a bowl of rice after he spends a week in France. I get that feeling too after long stints away from home.

I’ve only gotten really good Chinese food from a few places in the States like San Jose, San Francisco and New York, mostly because there are large Chinese populations in each one of those American metropolises. Seattle is close since while there are a lot of chop suey joints, there are a couple of restaurants that taste just like home to me. One such place in Hing Loon Seafood Restaurant, located in Seattle’s Chinatown.

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