Hong Kong Restaurants Pensacola

On her way home Becky stopped to pick up dinner from the New Hong Kong Restaurant in Thomasville, GA. She had a craving for Chinese food and received the recommendation from a very respected source, her hairdresser. When she arrived home inside the plastic sack were two Styrofoam boxes containing our meals, a bag of crab rangoons and another bag with 3 egg rolls. Even after a 20 minute ride the food was piping hot as I scooped it onto our plates. Becky went with her favorite, sweet and sour chicken while I had my standby, beef with broccoli. I fixed Mason a plate with a little of each.

The beef and broccoli consisted of large chunks of beef, broccoli and julienned carrots covered in a savory sauce. The vegetables were crisp and I was pleased not to find a piece of meat with any gristle on it. Overall it was pretty good beef and broccoli. As for the rice it was standard Chinese take-out. It was yellow fried rice with pieces of pork, onions, peas and carrots. The egg rolls were also standard Chinese take-out and were not memorable. The crab rangoons had a little too much won ton and not enough cream cheese filling.

The food from New Hong Kong was pretty standard Chinese take-out prepared in a conscientious way that tasted pretty good . If we lived in Thomasville I imagine we would get take-out from there now and again. If Becky offers to bring it home again I would be okay with it although there are better Chinese places in the area. Please note that as I did not pick up the meal I was unable to assess New Hong Kong’s atmosphere, service or cleanliness.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: N/A (Take out)
Taste: C

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