Hong Kong Restaurant Durham NC

So this has been my go-to Chinese place since I first moved to Durham a long time ago (in 2000). I have never even gone through the trouble of seeking out another Chinese take out place, I just stick with Hong Kong and their Hot and Sour soup. I usually get a main dish to go with the soup to have enough for two people and lately we have been in love with fried Crab legs and french fries. I know not what you expect from Chinese take out, but it is so cheap, we can actually afford to stop by twice a month and get restaurant quality food at fast food prices. Total price for an order of Hot and Sour soup (quart size) and crab legs with French Fries is $7.90 - enough for 3 to 4 single servings.

So here is a video entry describing the main dish and following are two images of the dish, the second one showing the size of the crabmeat included in the dish. And I should mention that the dish runs around $4 - fast food prices, but restaurant quality food that is always freshly prepared. The link to the yelp reviews is here and you can see the affordability of this place is mentioned several times by reviewers.

My video review of the fried crab legs and fries from Hong Kong Restaurant; of course the phone had to ring at the very last moment of the video. But I left the ringing in to explain the kind of abrupt ending to the vlog.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - huge portions at low prices, enough for two people to fill up on!

copyright Durhamonthecheap - plenty of crabmeat in the dish, all freshly prepared and for less than $4 total!

So next time you are in the mood for cheap Chinese-American food, give Hong Kong a try, cheap eats, freshly prepared to order and filling enough for two people!
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Chinese Food Durham Nc
Chinese Food Durham Nc
Hong Kong Food. Preparation of the "Lunch Box". Chinese
Hong Kong Food. Preparation of the "Lunch Box". Chinese ...
Gourmet Magazine (Gourmet Getaways: Charlottsville, Virginia; Outside London: A stay in the country; On the cover-serving traditional Cantonese cuisine-Jumbo Floating restaurant, March 1992)
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