Hong Kong Restaurant Charlottesville

Spring in Hong Kong is a lot like Spring in Charlottesville; the weather starts getting warm and you find yourself looking around asking, “Where have all these beautiful people been hiding all Winter?”

Consistent warm weather finally arrived in Hong Kong, but it has quickly turned to hot and muggy. The small dorm rooms are equipped with an oscillating desk fan mounted as a ceiling fan and a metered air conditioner. Now, you might think that having an air conditioner in the room is a god send (and on most nights it is), but having to put money into it every time you want to use it makes the situation a little more difficult. My Taiwanese roommate sleeps completely under the covers, sometimes with a fleece, in any kind of weather. When I suggest air conditioning, he says, “Maybe we use the fan and if it is too hot we will turn on the Air-con?” I turn on the air conditioning even in the winter, so I am not exactly a fair judge. I am taking money out of my food allowance to sleep comfortably, and in the end, it is totally worth it.

Having warm weather in the evenings makes HongKong a totally different place. Streets are crowded with people who have just gotten off work and want to share a drink/laugh with some friends. There is a large escalator system (called the mid-levels) that travels up the residential spine of Hong Kong, and is surrounded by small bars and restaurants. Only in Hong Kong would you have an outdoor escalator as your morning and eveningcommute.

I mentioned the Happy Valley Race course in a previous post as a gathering place for people from all over the world to watch horse races on Wednesday nights in central Hong Kong. Another sporting event that took Hong Kong by storm this spring was Rugby 7s. It is an international Rugby tournament that comes to Hong Kong every year, and consists of different nations battling it out on the rugby pitch with only 7 players to a team. The rugby is fun to watch, but more fun are the people in the stands. People come from all over the world to celebrate in Hong Kong for Rugby 7s, and let me tell you, it is quite a sight. Friends all dress up in themed costumes, everything from Where’s Waldo to the Smurfs. The city turns into a costume parade as people gather before they head to the match and cheer on their country. We were unable to secure tickets, but had a fantastic time asking people about their costumes and their travels, and it will be a weekend I will not soon forget.

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