Hong Kong Restaurant, Cambridge

After work, I had a meetup event in Cambridge for dinner and a comedy show at the Comedy Studio, located at the top of Hong Kong Restaurant, where we had dinner. I ordered Fisherman's Fury, filled with shrimp, mussels, scallops and cuttlefish, with tons of vegetables as well. I just did not like the broccoli very much, because I felt they were too hard, but otherwise this restaurant is pretty nicely decorated compared to most other Chinese restaurants I've been to.
I rarely go to comedy shows, but as this was part of the event, I decided to check it out for only $10. I was actually not bad at all, with about 7 comedians coming on stage to make us laugh. The main host, Sean Sullivan, was really good, while the rest of the comedians varied in quality from great to okay, as one can expect, but overall I enjoyed my time.

Driving home, it was terribly windy, and it stayed that way all night. At points while leaving my car to get home, I was worried that the trees might break off and fly toward me at any moment. Thankfully, I'm still alive and well to write this entry.

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