Aqua Restaurant Hong Kong

aqua-restaurant-hong-kongOur first evening in Hong Kong was a fantastic combination of the Star Ferry across to Kowloon, an incredible view of the sunset over the famous Hong Kong skyline, the ‘symphony of lights’, sundowners and complementary canapes (most of which were tummy friendly).

Aside from the journey there on the Star Ferry, this all took place in impressive bar, Aqua, on the Kowloon side (in the One Pecking building) only a 5 minute walk from the ferry terminal.

They have a promotion between 4-7pm where they have deals on cocktails, wine and beer and for every drink you order they bring completentary canapes. I was expecting a few nuts and crisps, but we were presented with a plateful of sushi, seabass, foie gras pastries, smoked salmon mouse, lobster cups and more..6 out of 8 of the canapes were all gluten and dairy free!

The bar (and restaurant attached) is Italian and Japanese so a perfect combination for those who have fussy stomachs but are friends with pizza and pasta lovers!

I would have been happy with a glass of overpriced wine and a few peanuts as the view really was incredible, but the fact that we had great value for money and it was all delicious, in a place that is renound for being pricey was such a bonus. Definitely goes to the top of my recommendation list for places to go in Hong Kong.

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