Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Lingnan aspires to be a fine research university: it wants its excellent faculty to fulfil their intellectual potential and to provide teaching that is informed and inspired by their research. This small and collegial campus community is ideally suited to the pursuit of research excellence and to the climate of flexible inquiry and discussion which lies at the heart of the liberal arts ethos. In order further to advance its reputation as a liberal arts university which excels in both teaching and research, Lingnan will continue to pursue the highest standards of scholarship in our focused areas of research, and in other areas as well.

In line with the definition of priorities for research under the University’s Strategic Plan 2009-2016, there are seven focused research areas that have been identified. These are: Modern Literature in Chinese; International Financial Markets and Economic Performance; Taxation in China; Conflict Management in Chinese Business; Age and Work-Life Balance; Cinema Studies; and Cultural Policy and Heritage. The University will continue to build on the strong performance demonstrated by these focused research areas which cut across its three faculties.

Research Governance and Infrastructure

The Research Committee (RC) is charged with the formulation of policies for the promotion, conduct, supervision and funding of research in the University. It decides on all internal funding allocations and monitors progress of research projects funded by various grants. Research Panels at the Faculty level undertake initial assessment of applications for research grants and make funding recommendations to the RC. The Office of Research Support provides administrative assistance to the Committee in the management of allocated grants to ensure that all funding and budgetary procedures are properly followed.

The University has established a number of Research Institutes and Centres to stimulate academic research that will enrich the faculty and enhance the research productivity of the University. In this capacity, the Institutes and Centres initiate innovative research projects, provide support to academic staff members in their research interests, and pursue research activities within the University and through external alliances that enhance high quality theoretical and applied research consistent with the mission and objectives of the University. The RC provides oversight on activities of the Research Institutes/Centres/Programmes.

Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)

RAE 2014

The RAE 2014 confirms that we have demonstrated our deep commitment to research and scholarship while at the same time remaining true to our liberal arts mission in providing quality teaching and mentorship to our students. Some encouraging results for us include:

(a) In Economics, LU ranks 3rd among all the eight UGC-funded institutions in its 4-star rating at 13%, which is above the sector-wide 11%, and LU is the only institution which does not have any research output in the “Unclassified” category among all Economics cost centers.

(b) In terms of the aggregate percentage for our 4-star and 3-star outputs together:

  • History’s 47% is on par with the sector-wide percentage, while its 4-star rating at 15% puts LU in the 4th position among all institutions;
  • Philosophy’s 45% is just 3 points below the top institution and above the sector-wide 40%;
  • Translation’s 15% is the best among all institutions and above the sector-wide 11%;
  • Visual Studies’ 28% ranks second among the institutions and is above the sector-wide 19% (in the “Other Arts/Humanities” cost centre );
  • Other Social Studies’ 25% ranks second among the institutions and is above the sector-wide 19%.
(c) Accountancy and Finance are to be applauded for proving their strengths in the keen competition of their areas.

Moving forward, we shall continue with our strategy of employing scholar-teachers who are not only dedicated to teaching, but also recognized for their research excellence. We encourage our staff to collaborate with their peers in Hong Kong and beyond, and shall strive to become a world-class liberal arts university with excellence in both teaching and research.

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