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Roasted Duck Rice
I have this whole love affair with hainanese chicken rice. There’s something about the fragrant combo of chicken fat and sesame oil that I find irresistible! But, there is one time when I would willingly push away a plate of chicken rice for duck rice. That’s when it’s from Lao Ban Zhai Roasted Duck.

For as long as I can remember, my mom always buys the roasted duck from this stall at Alexandra Village Food Centre for our Sunday lunches, a whole duck each time. She says it’s because I love it, but I think it’s her secret indulgence too.

The dark sauce is the clincher here and those of you who have tasted it before would know exactly why. Seriously, it’s the sauce that makes this duck rice stand out from the crowd and easily one of the best in town!

Char Siew (Sweetened Barbequed Pork) Rice The sauce is more like a thick paste, with the most delicious sweetness. The hawker would normally drizzle it generously over each plate of rice, covering it like a sheet of blanket. But we had asked for a more “photogenic” plate of duck rice so he gave us a separate bowl for the sauce instead. No complaints there — we get a whole bowl of sauce!

But of course, the duck meat itself is juicy and tender too, char-roasted to perfection. It is served de-boned and cut into thick slices. Look carefully and you would notice the layers of fat that are unashamedly attached. A little sin does add to the taste.

Despite the roasted duck being the signature dish, the sidekick of char siew (sweetened barbecued pork) is good too. The burnt caramelized pieces of meat are totally yummy and flavoursome! (though, of course, I remain loyal to Fatty Cheong, who holds the unofficial title for the best char siew in town.)
Don’t worry about missing out on the awesome sauce. You also get it with the char siew rice!

If you ask me, I would want the best of both worlds any day and go for a plate of rice with both duck meat AND char siew. To people that are not too bothered with health, this plate is sheer bliss :)

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