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The Hong Kong Style blogs we have here showcase fashionable people from this part of the world. There is a blog here for every style. Whether you have an urban chic style or you are more into girly, cutesy fashion, there is a blog here that you can sink your teeth into. I hope you enjoy this list of Hong Kong style blogs; I sure had fun bloghoppin' and getting to know these people.

According to this lady, her "style is a clash between Miroslava Duma and Jen Brill minus the perfect execution." I disagree about the last part because Cindy obviously displays the style of those two ladies but has also fused her own creativity and fashion genius to the mix. It's not surprising, really, since she has started modeling at a young age and breathes and lives fashion every day.

This Hong Kong style blog is managed by one team. According to an interview with How I Met Your Style, "Electric sekki is a fashion bureau specialising in strategic distribution placement and brand development in Asia. We work with the most exciting creative minds in the industry, not just in terms of design, but also in retail, digital strategy, lifestyle and art." If you're into trends, hot finds, and getting to know fashionable people, Electric Sekki is a must-read.

Without a doubt, Christing's home on the world wide web is one of the hottest Hong Kong style blogs today. Hers is a style that many will find quite inspired and brilliant. She also peppers her blog with beauty and travel posts.

This is the style blog of Judy. She is one stylish mom. If you want a fix of edgy fashion and adorable kids (!!!), this is the HK style blog that you have to bookmark. Aside from outfit posts, Judy's blog also features snippets of her life.

This Hong Kong fashion blog is all sorts of adorable! Dotthy admits that "she makes dessert with clothes in her closet." If you check Lookbook, Dotthy is one of the more popular members from Hong Kong. The reason is quite simple: she does the "girly-candy" #look so well.

The stylish lady behind this Hong Kong fashion blog is Zoe. She is 15. Yes, 15. Amazing, right? I know there are many young teenagers who dominate the #world of fashion blogging but Zoe stands out. It seems like she is having fun experimenting with styles but it's obvious that she has found her "voice."

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