Nobu Hong Kong

that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-1The Lowdown
Restaurant Name: Nobu InterContinental
Cuisine: Japanese with Peruvian Influences
Average Price per Person: Starting at $120 HKD or $15 USD for lunch and $500 to $1200 HKD or $65 to $150 USD for dinner
Location: Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong kong (please refer to the map below for details)
Recommendations: Pretty much everything we ate.. SCROLL DOWN !!!

Ratings (out of 5)
Taste: 4.5
Creativity/Authenticity: 5
Atmosphere: 4.5
Service: 4.5
Bang for Buck: 4
Crayscale !!!

that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-2Nobu’s been sitting on my “To-Eat” list for a minute. I guess I’ve been putting it off just because I had some pre-determined notion that the restaurant would be over-hyped and inevitably fall into that “chain-restaurant” type syndrome. The Nobu Empire is also massive on an international level reaching practically any major city around the world including New York, London, Milan, Dubai, Cape Town, Perth, Tokyo and Hong Kong. I figured that I would have plenty of opportunities to dine at Nobu and always preferred restaurants not so commercial.

Our fellow Albertan homie, Lindsay Jang had introduced us to Nobu InterContinental’s Executive Chef Erik Idos at Pirate Kitchen’s debut where he had cooked up a legit Filipino street food inspired meal. We liked what we tasted so we decided to finally hit up Nobu.that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-3 As we were flipping through the menu, we had trouble deciding what to order, mainly because we wanted to eat EVERYTHING. We trusted Erik and let him be in charge of making the decisions. Erik’s been in the Nobu family for the last nine years so he’d be the dude to ask what’s good.

Erik did us good and he definitely delivered! Every dish was on point and hit the spot. To be completely honest, there wasn’t one dish I didn’t LOVE. All my previous notions of Nobu had been tossed out the window – I lurvveee Nobu! If you’re in Hong Kong, make sure you hit up Nobu and order off Erik Idos Creations under the Osusume section.that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-4 Or just order exactly what we had, check it out !!!

Fried Sardine Chips with Grilled Shishito Peppers. Started the meal off with crispy chips made entirely of sardines! Looks and tastes dope!

The shishito peppers were sweet and mild dressed with a citric yuzu dressing.

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalepeno ($208 HKD or $27 USD).

The yellowtail was hella fresh served with a sliver of Jalepeno which gave it a nice kick without overpowering the fish.

A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef Tataki with Onion Ponzu ($640 HKD or $83 USD).

I friggin’ love Japanese beef, especially #veryrare A5 WAGYU beef. Sooooo tender I could die! This was just a wee bit on the salty side.

that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-7 that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-5 that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-6 that-food-cray-japanese-nobu-hong-kong-9
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Robert Harding Photographic Print of The New Peak Tower, a wok shaped feature at entrance of Galleria, Hong Kong,
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NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong Executive Chef Oeyvind
NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong Executive Chef Oeyvind ...
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