Indeed Hong Kong

Chan would claim,

“we are facing an identity crisis in Hong Kong, particularity in the younger generation, people born after 1987 whose never known life other than under Chinese sovereignty. Hong Kong people pride themselves on the fact that we have an identity that is separate from the rest of China, we have core values rooted firmly in the rule of law, an open transparent accountable government, in protecting the rights and freedoms that we enjoyed under British colonial rule and which are protected under our constitution, the Basic Law. But today we see all these values being eroded.”

Indeed, Hong Kong does face an identity crisis. It has irreversibly become once again a part of China after 142 years of foreign occupation by Britain. China now is a nation rising upon the world’s stage, exercising increasingly what could be called “soft power” and developing its own institutions, organizations and laws to manage society and to conduct business both within China’s territory and beyond it. What is eroding is not “the rule of law” or any of the other values Chan cited, but rather the West’s versions of them as they existed under British colonial rule. These versions are being supplanted and incrementally replaced by China’s own institutions, legal and socioeconomic structures as they should be.

What is left of British colonial rule over Hong Kong was originally designed to serve the British Empire, or in other words, emptying out the resources and prosperity of foreign lands, and consolidating it on behalf of London.

Later during the event in Washington, Anson Chan along with Martin Lee, a political activist, lawyer, former legislator and now co-organizers of the ongoing Occupy Central protests, would be confronted with the fact that mainland Chinese cities like Shanghai appear positioned to overtake Hong Kong as a regional financial center.

Both Chan and Lee would insist that Hong Kong’s devotion to the vestigial institutions left over from nearly a century and a half of British occupation were not only the keys to Hong Kong’s past success, but the keys also to its future success as well as in maintaining its primacy as a financial and trade center for both China and greater Asia.

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