Hong Kong culture facts

Hong Kong which depended on British many years ago is a big region in China, so the Hong Kong Culture Facts are mixed between British and China. It is really important for you to know these facts so that you will be able to communicate well with Hong Kong people.

Most of the Hong Kong culture facts are the same with other China culture facts. There are some points you need to notice and avoid when traveling to Hong Kong.

Colourful streetview at night (Hong Kong 2011) [Photograph] By Paul Arps, 2011

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  • The main language in Hong Kong is Cantonese. However, Mandarin and English can also be used in this region.
  • Hong Kong people can stand closely in communication, but they are uncomfortable with body contact. You should not wink at someone because this is considered as a very rude action. Moreover, pointing to Hong Kong people with your index finger will make them feel that you do not respect them.
  • In the restaurants, you can ask for the bills by making a writing motion on your hand. This action has the same meaning with other China culture facts. Additionally, you do not need to leave tips in Hong Kong restaurants because most of them will add the 10% restaurant service charge into your bills.
What experience did you get about the Hong Kong culture facts? Any opinions or comments to share?
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