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Our story

The idea for the GiliGulu compilation came from a question we get asked a lot from locals and expats/tourists alike: “Is there any good homebrewed music outside Cantopop in Hong Kong?” As longtime observers of the local music scene, we can confidently say yes. And to prove this, we’ve gone so far to establish Bitetone, an independent music webzine in 2010, and made it our mission to capture the best sounds from the up-and-coming Hong Kong / Taiwan / PRC music scenes.

While we have expanded our reach through Bitetone, there are still mounds of reasons why it’s hard for interested individuals to gain access to the elusive aural candy that is Hong Kong indie music.

Enter the GiliGulu compilation which not only acts as a CD compilation of some of the most forward thinking music in Hong Kong, we’ve taken it one step beyond and merged it with the art from Overload Dance, one of Hong Kong’s rising artists/illustrators, and in the form of recipe cards, the cities favorite dining pastime - Dim Sum! Making what we like to call an independent spirited Hong Kong tourist souvenir or cultural trinket.

Our impact

We hope this compilation is just the first step in our cause to expose more people to Hong Kong’s world famous heritage as well as the most creative happenings in local music and art. We envision Giligulu to be an ongoing discovery tool of the city through the crossover of creative forces from different mediums.

Best of local indie music!

The bands and musicians we have chosen for the compilation represent what we consider some of the best music in the city. The songs from each group tie in with different aspects of Hong Kong culture. For example the song “Chinese fried rice” from Dada Baba is about a Chinese cuisine staple, or Kevin Kaho Tsui’s song“LKF” (short for Lan Kwai Fong), which is about Hong Kong's most popular nightlife destination.

Dim Sum Recipes!

Each song will be meticulously paired with a custom dim sum recipe card (some recipes provided by the bands), so that you can try cooking these Hong Kong delicacies yourself while bopping away to the corresponding song.

Art Overload!

We invited Overload Dance, who is a rising star in the local illustration scene to do the cover of Giligulu. His work has been featured in music videos and magazines, and most recently in the illustration compilation Ping Ping. Famous for his larger than life characters and depiction of Hong Kong lifestyle, he was the perfect pick for this project.

What we need and what you get

For your support in this fun new project that exalts Hong Kong’s unsung culture heroes and spread the cities best assets to an international audience, we have prepared the following limited edition items and gifts for your support. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do:

T Shirts

The Giligulu t-shirt will feature the cover image illustrated by Overload Dance, and feature the slogan “I love dim sum!” which will be exclusive to this campaign.

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