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bronwademellobrothel2.jpgEnglish translation (it maybe a little off, but you will get the idea):

Dora Macao special correspondent reported eight dream of a certain superstar does not understand the powerful Hong Kong paparazzi, Wednesday morning when James, Wade and Anthony out of their castle - the Venetian hotel, they have been falling into the paparazzi Qi (paparazzi) lens. Hong Kong-based newspaper the full record of three star Macao night process.

U.S. team arrived in Macao Monday from Las Vegas, the entertainment paradise from the United States flew to Asia's entertainment paradise, but on arrival the same day, has been in the Venetian hotel in the gold Arts Museum in training, Tuesday and Wednesday this Two days are also arranged a three-hour daily training. Venetian castle-like hotel, allowing eight dream of all concerned to avoid the star, completed the training to live and fresh line: Arena is closed, the resident is relatively closed.bronwademellobrothel.jpg But after two days of nausea, who finally could not help Taiwan to meet out of the sky.

Wednesday 0:30, James, Wade and Anthony at a staff member, accompanied by walking out, "Shen Gong" to Macao a "fight to" the "gold fish tank"-style sauna and entertainment centre. They arranged by hotel limousine to the pier near places of entertainment, it is worth mentioning that the three Taiwan Qingchejiancong, and no special security measures. It is learnt that the "playing the" sauna and massage services entertainment center about 90 minutes AUD 1500, the three stars in "fighting the" selection of all Vietnamese women technicians, said Macao and Vietnam technicians in the best massage techniques and the most Popular. Hong Kong paparazzi after a special interview for the provision of services NBA superstar female technicians, three female technicians at the beginning of work before, have learned about the identity of the person, such as James, has more than once because of previous service for celebrities, so they do not show Special surprise, it is said that the three VIPs only to the 200 Australian dollars as a tip, it is hardly generous.

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