Hong Kong Dollar to Philippine Peso

US dollarsI wanted to tally up the total costs and expenses of our trip to Hongkong so I can help out other people who are scouting for resources online on the approximate budget if they want to go to the places I’ve been. So here I am, after two months, counting numbers and costs. After adding everything together, I realized that I splurged in my first trip abroad – despite eating less and not sleeping in a hotel.

Travel Dates: September 1-8, 2010
Duration: 6 whole days
Destinations: HongKong and Macau
Number of People: 3 (There were supposed to be around 9 of us but only 3 pushed through)

US Dollars

Hong Kong Dollars

Remember that prices may change but this is just to give out a rough estimate on the things that you might have to pay for.

Cebu to Hong Kong Expenses: Fares and such
100 Php – Taxi cab fare from Cebu IT Park to Mactan International Airport (300 Php divided by 3 people)
1204 Php – Air Fare with Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare Promotion (booked one year ahead)
500 Php – Terminal Fee (in Cebu)
1620 Php – Travel Tax
3424 Php

Hostel Accommodation at Tai San Guesthouse in Tsim Sha Tsui
750 HKD – I paid 150 HKD per night for 5 days. This is my share of our 450 HKD/night room.

Food from Day 1 to Day 6
468 HKD – This is composed mostly of KFC Bucket meals that served as our lunch/dinner

213 HKD – Octopus Card (inclusive of 50 HKD refund)
20 HKD – taxi from Wynn Hotel to Macau Tower
233 HKD

Entrance Tickets:
335 HKD – Disneyland Ticket
230 HKD – Ocean Park Ticket
60 HKD – Victoria Peak Transportation including Sky Terrace Entrance Ticket
290 HKD – Cotai ferry Jet between Hongkong and Macau (back and forth fare)
915 HKD

158 HKD – Buffalo wireless router at Mongkok Computer Center
749 HKD – Clothes and Shoes
676 HKD- Shopping for Souvenirs/Gifts
205 HKD – Macau cookies (3 boxes)
1788 HKD

60 HKD – Disneyland Locker (big) (divided by 3 so 20 HKD each)
33 HKD – 3 Umbrellas (33 HKD each)
40 HKD – airport baggage counter for 3 items in 4 hours (10 HKD per bag per hour)
50 HKD – Ate Eva’s Tip for being our tour guide at 150 HKD total (in Macau)

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