HSBC online Banking Hong Kong

symbankQ: What is a Security Code?

A: The Security Code is a special, one-time password used to access full range of Internet Banking service. The 6-digit password appears on the LCD screen of the Security Device for your input into the screen of HSBC Internet Banking.

Q: What is a Serial Number?

A: Serial Number is a unique number on the back of the Security Device that is linked to your HSBC Personal Internal Banking profile personally. The number is a 10-digit serial number, identifying your individual Security Device.

symbankAs a result, you can only use this individual Security Device, to access your HSBC Personal Internet Banking services. That means if your family member or friend has another Security Device for their Internet Banking services, you cannot use their device to generate a Security Code for your Personal Internet Banking service.

New Security Device – Functionality

Q: Why has HSBC introduced the new Security Device?

A: HSBC commits to protecting the security of our HSBC Internet Banking customers. As a leader in online banking security, we are delighted to introduce a new Security Device with enhanced security and service. New functions are also added in HSBC Internet Banking to enhance our services.

Q: How to use it for log on and when should I need to use the numeric button?


Q: What is the difference in functionality between the new and existing Security Device?

A: The new Security Device not only enhances the security in HSBC Internet Banking, it also provides new functionalities in Internet Banking:

Stronger protection on existing functions

To provide enhanced security level for transactions which require stronger protection, the new device requires customer to input customer specific information (e.g. account number) to generate a Security Code.
These transactions include:

  • Making Transfer to Non-Registered Account
  • Setting up Standing Instruction
  • Making Bill Payment to Finance / Securities / Sports & Leisure
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