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Eat Hongkong Food-1Hong Kong is definitely a foodie’s paradise.

Egg Tarts, Roasted Goose, Po Lo Bao, Dim Sum, Scrambled Eggs, Milk Pudding…………. Anything.

You name it, they have it.

I almost died from an unhealthy dose of craving HK food while preparing this guide and editing the photos (from Zavier and I) of all the #foodporn I had last December.

So please, heed my word of caution, if you aren’t going to HK any time soon…. Don’t scroll down!

But if you are, here’s my comprehensive food guide of the things you DIE DIE HAVE TO TRY when visiting HongKong!

This place is legendary. If you love breakfast, EGGS, pudding or just FOOD – you have to visit this food joint.

They have snaking queues during lunch hour 12-2pm so avoid it or be prepared to line up behind maybe 50 people or so. However, although the queues are long, they move FAST.

Eat Hongkong Food-3And I mean fast as in 50 people in 30 minutes.

Of course a fast moving queue like the one at Aus Dairy Co. also means that they expect you to finish your meals, pay the bill, and leave in a matter of 15 minutes. Take their “service” with a pinch of salt.

Waiting time is almost non-existent here. Perfect for people who need to fill their bellies immediately.

Scrambled eggs with toast


It is such a simple dish and yet no one can do it like ADC does. They must have a secret recipe for this…. Can I pay someone to steal it for me please?

I have had scrambled eggs MANY times over the past 21 years of my life. And NOTHING comes close to this. Nothing.

Eat Hongkong Food-54I have no idea how they do it so well. This dish is an absolute MUST HAVE when you visit HK.

Trust me, it will keep you coming back for more.

The French Toast was gorgeous. Deep fried in egg with a slice of butter slapped on top.

The maple syrup is placed at the table so you can pour whatever copious amounts you desire.

Do it with discretion though, we don’t want your clothing buttons to pop.

Milk Pudding

Freaking smooth and melt in your mouth goodness that they probably make with the bottled milk they sell at ADC. Theres a warm and cold version but I personally prefer the cold one because it tastes more “dessert-ish”.


ADC is definitely my number 1 go-to place when I touch down in Hong Kong. I will never leave the country without stepping foot into this joint. Try it to believe it!

How To Get There:
Exit C2 Jordon’s MTR Station and walk towards Parkes Street.

This is the real THW with a Michelin Star!

After trying the more convenient outlet at IFC Mall (above Hong Kong Station), I know for one thing that the queue here is WAAAAAAAAAAY longer.

Eat Hongkong Food-55 Eat Hongkong Food-53 Eat Hongkong Food-11 Eat Hongkong Food-8
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