Taste of Hong Kong, Ewa Beach

Ray and I were doing one of our drive around the island till we find some place to eat drives. We drove and drove till we ran out of patience and stopped at the nearest plaza. We spotted Taste of Hong Kong and said winner winner chicken dinner. Lets eat.

Ray and I shared, as usual and boy am I glad we did. Look at how much food they give on their lunch special. The Plate Lunch Special was only .75 and came with Chicken chow mein, sweet and sour spare ribs, pot roast pork, 2 fried won ton and steamed rice. You could sub fried rice for an extra .75, which is what we did.

The won tons weren’t fresh, and the pot roast was a little fatty but for what we pay for, I was pretty content. We even had left overs, but I’m sure like everyone else, forgot them when we left.

This lunch special will definitely fill you up if you like to eat a lot.

Click below for directions

Taste of Hong Kong
91-1401 Fort Weaver Rd
Ewa Beach, HI 96706
(808) 683-3838

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It was nice and spacious inside.
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