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Feeling frisky? Introducing Hong Kong's top raunchiest movies...

Controversial on its initial release due to its lesbian and exploitation themes, Chor’s rape-revenge epic – mixing swordplay with period erotica – still arrests the senses with the sheer intensity of its tale, which sees a defiant beauty (Lily Ho) exacting vicious retribution on her tormentors years after being abducted into a high-class brothel.

Directed and written by Li Han-hsiang, produced by Sir Run Run Shaw and providing the film debut for a young Jackie Chan, this has to be one of the strongest lineups for sex film of all-time. This seductive tale on the licentious sex life of a merchant references The Plum in the Golden Vase, a classic erotic literature from Ming Dynasty. It truly is a timeless piece of antique cinema that is as much about action and storyline as it is naughty bits.

A remake of The Witches of Eastwick mixed with a classic Chinese fairy tale may sound a little bizarre, but this film was the breakthrough for leading actress Amy Yip. Yip’s assets certainly carry the light-hearted erotic fantasy but the three sequels that followed also extolled the respective female stars.

Unlike the romantic comedy of Hollywood’s Pretty Woman, Hong Kong’s version is dark. Directed by Yeung Chi-gin, the storyline may be pretty grim (rape, murder and general violence), but Veronica Yip’s performance, as the female lead, captivated many. The movie boosted her popularity, and her rise to fame paved ways for other mainstream actresses to enter the soft porn market.

Veronica Yip plays a married woman who hires a gigolo (played by Simon Yam) to get her pregnant, so her impotent husband can receive his family’s money. The plot transgresses into jealously, lust and murder in this fairly soft-core film, but the sex scenes are perfectly executed and the duo beautifully captured. Yam has starred in other gigolo roles, but this is his best.

Chingmy Yau stars as the deadly assassin in this cult classic. While being investigated by an infatuated cop, she falls in love with a fellow female killer, who targets rapists and psychos. The film’s combination of kick-ass action and lesbian entanglement attracted a large following, and resulted in Yau being nominated for Best Actress at the 1993 Hong Kong Film Awards.

Directed by Roman Cheung, this film is less about the plot and more
a chance to see Loletta Lee’s energetic and erotic performance
in various states of undress. The story involves a girl in search of different sexual partners in revenge of her cheating boyfriend. In contrast to the coarse production, it’s Lee’s angelic face, heartwarming smile and frequent shower scenes that explain why people are crazy for Crazy Love.

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